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We aim to give our users an interface that is not only easy on the eyes, but enticing as well .

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We make sure Lifenote is completely up to date from Newsfeed to software updates. So you won't miss out on sharing your experiences and seeing your friends' experiences.


User experience is important to us, so we pride ourself on making sure that Lifenote reacts appropriately to your needs.

Features with Lifenote

User Posts

Going to a new bar? Traveling out of the country with a friend? Looking into a venue in the next city? Share it to the feed. Now your friends and your network can be engaged

Chat with friends

If you have plans to go out with someone or a group of people, the chat feature makes it easy to communicate with others

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Staying engaged is important, so don't forget to comment and share

Share and Engage

Lifenote gives you a chance to share your destination adventures, as well as not to miss out on the variety of places your friends and network go to. You may end up checking out a new musesum, resturant, store, or venue that you never would of considered.

Enjoy, and make your Lifenotes memorable

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